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Unstoppable Reach

Reach millions of customers on Foggmart, India's latest online shopping platform. You can expand further by selling nationally.

0% Commission

Foggmart's flat commission charges are less and best than the entire industry.

Lowest Shipping Cost

From small to big and unbranded to branded, all sellers are expanding their business on Foggmart with lowest commission cost.

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Outstanding Features FeaturesFeatures

0% Commission

Foggmart charge only 0% commission for all categories and products to grow their business, so that their business can get more Profit.

Dedicated Teams

The team of Foggmart works very effectively and always contributes to its merchants and customers.

24X7 support

Foggmart's group of employees is available 24/7 to provide its services to its merchants and customers.

How to sell on Foggmart?

(1) Create seller account (All you need GSTIN, Bank Account, Pan Card. (2) List your products you want to sell on Foggmart platform. (3) Start getting orders as soon as millions of customers see your products on Foggmart platform. (4) Ship your product with flexible shipping within 4-5 days. (5) Payments are deposited safely to your bank account on 15th day of order delivery.