pricing and commission

Foggmart seller commission rates

Foggmart charge 0% commission for all categories and products.

How much you get paid?

Product price

Price you decide to enter with Foggmart


Commission fee

0% commission fee of product price


All Taxes

18% GST on Commission fee/ 1% TCS on Base Price/ 1% TDS on Base Price


Settlement Amount

Deposited to your bank account on 15th day of order delivery

We do not charge any other kind of fees to seller

No Fixed Fees

No Collection Fees

No Handling Fees

Payment cycle

“The seller has to keep in mind that if the order of the product is prepaid then he will get the payment within 7
days and if the order is in cash on delivery, then he will have to wait for 15 days for payment.”

Suppose: If your product is delivered by prepaid on 1st Jan 2021, settlement amount for that product will be deposited in your bank account on 8th Jan 2021.

If your product is delivered by cash on delivery on 1st Jan 2021, settlement amount for that product will be deposited in your bank account in between 16th Jan 2021.

**This table of calculation is for representation purposes only**

PAYOUTEXAMPLE: (Product) Bedsheet
Selling Price (Tax Excluded)₹ 1,000.00/-
Commission 0%₹ 0/-
GST @ 18% on Commission₹ 0/-
TCS (1%) On base price₹ 10.00/-
TDS (1%) On base Price₹ 10.00/-
Final Payout ₹ 1000-10-10 = ₹ 980.00/-

Products Updating Charges:

Foggmart company provides 2 options to its seller to put the product. So that the seller does not have to face any problem.

  1. The seller who wants to list the product himself in his seller panel can update them by logging into his panel.(No Updating Charges Will Applied)
  2. For those sellers who do not want to update the product themselves or do not have much time or do not know how to update the product, the company will update the products in their seller panel. But for that the seller will have to pay some charges of product updating to the company.
Number Of ProductsUpdating Charges
Up To 10 Products₹ 200.00/- Per Month
Up To 20 Products ₹ 400.00/- Per Month
Up To 30 Products ₹ 600.00/- Per Month
Up To 40 Products ₹ 800.00/- Per Month
Up To 50 Products₹ 1000.00/- Per Month
Up To 100 Products ₹ 1800.00/- Per Month